Camera setup

Setup instructions

Canon R100 – initial settings

Follow these instructions to get your Canon R100 ready for your Slabsmith photostation.

1) Set the camera to “Manual” mode
2) Turn on Camera
3) Select the “MENU” button
4) You will see the initial screen
5) The “Rocker Switch”

The rocker switch is used to move through the menu’s.   You can move Up/Down/Left or Right with the switch.  The “Set” button will select an item.

To move “Back” to a previous menu, select the “Menu” button.

6) Highlight the “Camera” icon
at the top if it is not currently selected using the controls as detailed in item #5.
7) Shooting settings – Page 1

Select the “SET” button in the rocker switch to enter the camera settings menu.

This menu consists of 8 pages of settings.  Select page 1.   The verify the following settings:

Image Quality Smooth 1/4 circle with a capital “L”
Still img aspect ratio 3:2
Auto Lighting Optimizer OFF
Highlight tone priority OFF
8) Shooting settings – Page 2

Verify the following settings:

Flash control Select the set button to enter the flash control sub menu and set flash firing to “ON”.
Metering mode Center-weighted average
Color space sRGB
9) Shooting settings – Page 3

Verify the following settings:

Picture Style Neutral
Lens aberration correction  Select the set button to enter the lens abberation sub-menu and set “Peripheral Ilum corr” and “Digital Lens Optimizer” to “ON”.
10) Shooting settings – Page 4

Verify the following settings:

AF operation ONE SHOT AF
AF method Zone AF
Continuous AF Disable
Focus mode MF
11) Shooting settings – Page 5

Verify the following settings:

MF Peak settings OFF
Lens electronic MF OFF
Focus/Control ring FOCUS
12) Shooting settings – Page 6

Verify the following settings:

Drive mode OFF  (Single shot)
IS (Image Stabilizer) mode Disable
13) Shooting settings – Page 6 – 7  


14) Function settings

To go to function settings:

  • Select the “MENU” button to return to the start screen
  • Select the right rocker switch to go to the Wrench icon
  • Select the “SET” button to enter the menus
 15) Functions settings – Page 1

Verify the following settings:

Date/Time/Zone Set the current date and time
15) Functions settings – Page 2

Verify the following settings:

Power saving Auto power off : Disable


16) Functions settings – Page 3-4