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Slabsmith training resources and info

In the training section of this website you will find various aids -primarily videos- to help understand how to use Slabsmith in your business.  For existing customers, it is recommended that you view the video “Workflow Overview” below this section.

Please keep in mind that customers on maintenance are also able to call us directly for both technical support and to schedule training.

You can reach us at +1.315.762.3222   (09:00-17:00 EST)

Workflow video

The link below is an overview of the preferred workflow when using Slabsmith. 

The video is a recording of a zoom meeting with an existing customer who wanted to have a better understanding of the best use of Slabsmith.  The running time is approximately 1 hour.

After viewing this video, please feel free to contact us with questions or for any clarifications.  We are always happy to help our customers improve their use of Slabsmith and to increase their profits.

Before clicking on the video link, be sure to copy the Passcode, you will need it to view the video.

Slabsmith Workflow Overview
Passcode: xU=b*m1i