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Take a look and a listen at what companies that use Slabsmith™ every day are experiencing.   Slabsmith™ touches so many areas of a company, and because it’s flexible, it can meld with differnt companies in different ways.

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Salvatore “Salve” Caruso

Classico Marble, LTD
Location: Langley, Bershire, UK
(near Heathrow airport)
Slabsmith™: January, 2019
Project: Residential Kitchen
North London, UK
August, 2019
Fabrication: Classico Marble LTD
Material: “Arebascato Puro Lucido”
by:  Stone Italiana
Kerit Ceramic Collection
UK Distribution: Italian Luxury Surfaces
Kitchen by: Point 05 Kitchens
Interior Design: Cherie Lee Interiors