Download links for Slabsmith companion software

MS SQL Express (custom)

2017 MS SQL Express x64


2014 MS SQL Express x32


The SQL Express installation customized to create a Slabsmith instance with the required settings.
Optimized for Windows 10

If you are installing to a domain server, or to a true Server OS, please contact us after downloading, but before installation.

SQL Management Studio

Start Download

Manual database management. 
Do not download unless instructed to do so.

Sentinel HASP driver

Security dongle driver

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The HASP driver is usually installed automatically during Slabsmith installation.
Only download this driver if your security dongle does not light up when inserted into a USB port.

Notice: Windows 10 v2004 has issues with older HASP drivers. Please update your driver before installing Windows 10 v2004


DirectX 9c

win7/8 graphics driver

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The graphics driver needed for viewing layouts on win7/win8 computers