Computers & IT


Computer recommendations for Slabsmith modules.

Computer Essentials

Internet access is required for technical support.  If a computer is not connected to the internet, we are not able to provide support for that computer.

The specifications for the specific computers recommended for Slabsmith modules are listed below.  For the purposes of viewing slab inventory, or jobs, by other people in your company, almost any windows based computer will work well.

Photostation computer (Slab Maker™)


Acceptable:   3Ghz+  Intel i7 / AMD Ryzen 7
Preferred:      3Ghz+  Intel i9 / AMD Ryzen 9

(Faster and more cores is better, Slab Maker™ is computationally intensive and will use all available cores in the CPU)

RAM Acceptable: 16GB
Preferred:    32GB
Storage Minimal, Slabsmith data is typically stored on the Database server
USB Ports Minimum of 2 USB ports.  One for the camera, one for the USB security dongle.
Graphics No special graphics requirements
(If you are considering the “Image Enhancement” extension, a graphics card will speed things up)
Monitor 24″(600mm) or larger.
OS Minimum: Windows 10 Pro – x64
Recommended: Windows 11 Pro x64


Layout computer (Perfect Match™)

CPU 3Ghz+  Intel i7 / AMD Ryzen 7  (or better)
Storage Minimal, Slabsmith data is typically stored on the database server
Graphics Dedicated nVidea graphics card w/2GB+ RAM
(If you will be doing layouts with 10+ slabs, 8GB+ RAM is recommended)
Monitor 24″(600mm) or larger.
(For accurate color matching, a broad color gamut is recommended.
Look for AdobeRBG or DCI-P3 specification on the monitor)
OS Minimum: Windows 10 – x64
Recommended: Windows 11 x64

The layout computer is often the same computer as the CAD/CAM computer and shares similar specifications.

Database Server computer (MS SQL Engine)

CPU Quad core processor (any speed)
Storage Varies depending on SSData folder location
Graphics None
Monitor N/A
OS Minimum: Windows 10 x64, Windows Server 2016+ x64
Recommended: Windows 11 x64, Windows Server 2019+

Notes for the Database Server:

The database server computer hosts the MS SQL database engine which is where Slabsmith stores much of its data.

This computer can technically be any computer accessible on the network, including a computer running Slabsmith.  However, the MS SQL Engine is often installed on the company’s “server” computer to isolate it from casual users.

In either case the primary concern is a good backup strategy.  The data stored for Slabsmith is a valuable company asset that should be protected.

There are two places that Slabsmith stores data.

  • The database – This requires relatively little storage space, but the computer hosting the database must be visible to all Slabsmith users on the network.
  • The “SSData” folder – This is a network shared folder that must be available to everyone using Slabsmith.  It stores the slab images, as well as other large files required for Slabsmith.  It can be hosted on the database server, another computer on the network, or a on a NAS mass storage device.


The only monitor that can be critical, is the monitor for the Perfect Match™ (Layout) computer.   The Slab Maker™, Slab Consumer, and all other monitors are much less critical.

For the Layout computer the primary concern is color accuracy.  If you monitor can not accurately represent the colors in the digital slab, you will have trouble color matching seams.

Perfect Match Monitor Recommendations

The Perfect Match monitor needs a wide color gamut to accurately display subtle color varations.  If your monitor has a “Gamut” specification, look for an “AdobeRGB” or “DCI-P3” color gamut.

If you cannot find a color gamut specification, look for a monitor that has an “IPS” or “OLED” display.  These usually have a wide color gamut.

If your monitor is rated as “72% NTSC” or “sRGB”, you may not be able to see small variations in color on your monitor.