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Slabsmith Workflow Overview

The link below is an overview of the preferred workflow when using Slabsmith.  This workflow will help to keep your inventory in order with the least amount of work.  After viewing this video, please feel free to contact us with questions or for any clarifications.  We are always happy to help our customers improve their use of Slabsmith and to increase their profits.

Slabsmith Workflow Overview
Passcode: xU=b*m1i

DXF Export options

Common DXF export settings for specific saws can be found below.  You may need to further customize or change these settings for your own purposes, but these represent good starting points.

You can adjust the DXF export settings in the Slabsmith™ Database Administration program, in the “Saws” tab.



DDX Easy Stone (settings for Automatic CAM configuration)




Northwood Machine

No Special settings




Using Slabsmith with WCAM

Important note:  You must have a WCAM version created on or after February 28, 2022

Important settings in both WCAM and Slabsmith


  1. Define the layer name for the Slab outline in WCAM’s settings

Slabsmith – 

  1. Make Slabsmith’s DXF export use the same layer name as defined in WCAM.

Using a Slabsmith layout in WCAM:

This video shows how use WCAM to place a Slabsmith layout on a saw table and program the cuts.  This is useful if you are using a camera over the saw, or a projection laser to align the layout with the slab on the saw table.  If you are using hard stops to locate the slab on the table, see the video below to snap to the origin of the table.

Snapping a Slabsmith layout to the saw tables origin:

If you are using hard stops to locate the slab on your saw table, you will need the layout to be placed relative to the saw table’s origin.

You should set your Slabsmith DXF export to output a 6″ square with it’s lower left corner at 0,0.  The lower left  corner of this square will be used as a reference when snapping the layout to 0,0.

* Special thanks to Joe Alva of Poseiden Industries, Inc. for the creation of these videos and his work with the WCAM developers.