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Basic customization easily, unlimited potential


Slabsmith™ was designed from the ground up to be customizable.  Need to add a slab property?  Do it in minutes.  Import a list of material names from a spreadsheet?  No problem.

There are two levels of customization.  Standard customization is handled in the Slabsmith™ Administration program.  Advanced customization includes things such as custom scripts designed to provide more complex custom reports.

Standard Customizations

Standard customizations take place in the Slabsmith™ Administration program.  There are many customizations you can perform to affect the look and functionality of Slabsmith™, a few examples are listed below:

  • Add or remove slab propeties from any view. 
    • The properties needed at the photostation are not the same propeties needed by the inventory manager.  Each can be customized to just the properties needed for the job.
  • Create new slab properties.
    • Do you want a propetry to sort by color or price group?  How about a “Vendor” property.
  • Caliculated propeties.
    • Create a custom property called “ft2 Cost”,  Then create a calculated custom property property called “Value”. The caluculated property can automatically multiply the “ft2 Cost” x the auto-calculated “Usable Area” to give you a “Value” of the slab.  You can even have the property reduce it’s value by 15% when it becomes a remnant.
  • DXF Export options.
    • You can completely customize the DXF Export options from Slabsmith to meet the requirements of your saw programming software.
  • Create user logins.
    • Create separate logins for your users and Slabsmith keeps an activity log associated with that user.  You always know who did what, and when within Slabsmith™.
  • Create slab templates.
    • Templates allow you to pre-define a material and it’s properties, including a nominal size, and even a sample picture.  The templates can be used to speed the entry of slab inventory into the Slabsmith™ database at the photostation or in the office using Slab Maker™ Lite.
  • Create custom web images.
    • The presentation directory allows you to define and then automaticallly create web appropriate images for your web site.  You can customize size, background color, border size, drop shadows, watermark logos, and more.

Just sample of what can be accomplished in the standard Slabsmith™ “Basic Bundle”.


Advanced Customizations

More advanced customizations are also possible.  The Slabsmith™ data is stored in an industry standard SQL database.  This means anyone with a knowledge of SQL programming can do all sorts of ‘interesting’ things with the data you already have.  (It’s recommended you talk to us regarding best practices before touching the database directly).

We also offer customization services which are billed on a case by case basis.  The following lists a few of the customer requests:

  • Find all slabs that are on consignment and have been consumed in the last 30 days.  Report a list of these slabs and their ID’s as well as the Vendor of the slabs to know which slabs need to be paid for.
  • Find all slab that are on consignment and have been in stock over 80 days.  Report a list of slabs and their ID’s as well as the Vendor of the slabs to know which slabs to return.
  • Show all slabs or remnants consumed over a specified time period and return a sorted list of “most used” materials.