Release History

what’s new?

A list of the new features in each version of Slabsmith



Category Feature Description

Sign-off sheets

Perfect Match now has sign-off sheets with basic customizations like the logo and disclaimer text.

There are two signoff sheets available:

  • Regular sign-off: Includes the top/iso previews and each slab in the layout and its associated parts.
  • No Slab sign-off: This is just the final top/iso preview.

Create basic parts from Reserved Areas

You can now use the tools provided by Reserved Area to build parts, like backsplashes. Once created with this option, the parts are treated like the rest of the parts in the layout.

Minor updates, fixes, and changes.


Patch history


  • Initial release


Category Feature Description

Waterfall Edges

  • The Slabsmith Basic bundle now allows for Waterfall (drop) edges in Perfect Match.  This works much like assigning a backsplash to a counter only it drops the edge at 90 degrees.   See this video for a better understanding of what can be done with this new feature.

Cost and Pricing Propeties

While you could always make your own custom properties, cost and pricing are now first-class citizens in Slabsmith.   Cost is what you paid for your materials.  Price is the price you sell the material.  Remember, you can limit who see’s what in your company by assigning users and roles.

Cost includes:

  • Cost/Area
  • Shipping Cost
  • Landed Cost (Nominal area * Cost/Area) + Shipping Cost

Price includes:

  • Price/Area
  • Price/Slab

Live Scan

  • Live Scan is a complete re-write of the previous “Scan” extension.  It provides realtime confirmation of your progress while completing physical inventory.   See this video for an overview of Live Scan.

Many minor updates, fixes, and changes.


Patch history


  • Initial release


Category Feature Description
New Add-on!
The “Image Enhancement” Extension
  • This is an extension to the Basic Bundle that enhances the quality of the slab images.  Details here.
Upgraded handling of multiple templates
(Perfect Match v2021.3.3+)
  • Templates and slabs always open in their own space on the left.
  • Selecting a template highlights all pieces of the template
  • Selecting a template makes ONLY that template visible in the right preview screen, and it fits the selected template to the screen.
Scripting automation

( Slabsmith DB Admin )
  • Create SQL scripts to auto-populate slab properties in Slab Maker
  • Creat Javascript scripts for slab property verification in Slab Maker
    • Force empty fields to be filled in
    • Force a default value on an emtpy field
  • Create a custom overlay icon for thumbnail images in the Slab Manager.
Customizable remnant naming

( Slabsmith DB Admin )
  • Provides a way to customize how remants are named.  By default, remnants are named with the original slab ID appended with a “-1”, “-2”, etc.   This allows customization to match external ERP system remnant nomenclatures.
Material Description Hierarchy

(Slab Manager, Slabsmith DB Admin)
  • Updated Material description group to include a 4 tiered hierarchy in Slab Manager.
  • Your current two tier hierarchy will be importend into the top and bottom levels, so nothing will change until you add the middle tiers using the Description Editor.
Description Editor

(Slabsmith DB Admin )
  • Added the “Description Editor” to the Admin Program to allow easy updating of 2 Tier material descriptions to 4 tier descriptions.   Also very useful for correcting existing errors in the material description.   Details here.
Brightness/Contrast controls

(Slab Manager, Perfect Match, Presentation Folder )
  • Updated the Brightness and Contrast controls to provide more useful results on standard and enhanced slab images.


Patch history


  • Initial release


Module Feature Description
  • Added a compact “no picture” Saw/Pick ticket.
  • Duplicate slab ID’s are no longer permitted during slab creation.
    • When upgrading to this version of Slabsmith duplicate Slab ID’s in an existing database will be found and the duplicate ID’s will have -dup1, dup2, etc. added to their ID’s.
Perfect Match™
  • Added “Snap” mode.
    Snap mode is similar to the “Common Line+” command but much faster and more flexible.
  • Some commands are now modal
    Once selected they stay active until cancelled with {Esc} or a new command.
  • Added “Part offset distance” drop down list to the bottom of the window.
    The “Part offset distance” is used anywhere a distance is needed for a command.  For instance “Snap” or “Common Line+”.  This value replaces the saw blade kerf as the distance used in the commands that need a distance.
  • Interface GUI updates.
Slab Maker™
Slab Maker™ Lite
  • Added the ability to edit all slab properties on every slab when creating multiple slabs at the same time.
Slab Manager
  • Much improved slab “Hold” functionality
    • Added hold icons to the slab thumbnail for “Hold”, “>1 Week”, “>2 weeks”
    • Added an “OnHold” checkbox. This allows you to search all slabs, or only for slabs on hold, or only for slabs not on hold.
    • Added the ability to sort by Hold Date
  • Added “Consignment” checkbox.  You can search for slabs on consignment or not on consignment.
  • Added a “Distributor” property.
Job Manager
  • Added “Hold” checkbox to search criteria
    • This allows searching of all jobs, only jobs containing slabs on hold (a “hold job”), or only active jobs.
  • Added a “Hold” checkbox column to the job grid.
    • If a job is a “Hold Job”, the checkbox is checked.
    • To convert a “Hold Job” to an active job, uncheck the hold checkbox.
  • Added the ability to Validate camera movement and/or lighting changes on multiple calibration thicknesses.
  • Interface changes to reflect validation changes
  • Rework and updates to the calibration engine
Slab Consumer
  • Interface refresh and tweaks
Slab Creator API
  • Creates digital slab records in the DB by dopping a .slab file into a queue folder.
  • Automatically opens in Slab Maker™ from the queue directory for further manipulation.
  • .slab file needs as little information as an image
  • .slab file can include everything: mark-up layer, properties, etc.
  • Designed for third party use.  Contact us for usage details.


Patch history

2020.7.0 (2020-08-11)

  • Initial release

2020.7.1 (2020-08-20)

  • Fixed upgrade from 2012.9
  • Fixed upgrade backups
  • Fixed origin adjustments in Slabsmith Lite

2020.7.2 (2020-08-27)

  • Fixed upgrade for databases with existing “Finish” property
  • Improved error messages for background label printing failures
  • Improved Consumer and Locator barcode scanning and consume behavior
  • Fixed double saving in Slab Maker incrementing the Inventory ID for the saved slab

2020.7.3 (2020-09-08)

  • Fixed Slabsmith Lite origin
  • Fixed incorrect warning about calibration and image settings not matching
  • Fixed exception when printing from Slab Manager
  • Fixed Slab Consumer incorrect screen fitting when slab in negative quadrant
  • Fixed calibration corners resetting to top left of image
  • Fixed slab created from templates having bad inventory id
  • Fixed Slab Maker saving from template or from duplicated slab
  • Fixed operation for browsers on terminal server
  • Fixed slab import with custom boolean values
  • Fixed creation date search
  • Fixed upgrade from 2012.9

2020.7.4 (2020-09-22)

  • Added ability to enable legacy on hold logic
  • Fixed crash when exiting Slab Maker on some computers
  • Improved reserved area resizing from L to rectangle
  • Added auto-fill nominal thickness from calibration if calibration name matches a choice for nominal
  • Switched align collinear to ctrl-shift-a
  • Added feature to customize DXF naming on export


Module Feature Description
“Slabsmith Lite” released *NEW*
  • The “Just in Time” light version of Slabsmith is released.
Job Manager
  • Added “Job Description” to “Used in” tab
  • Show yield data as both area and percent
Slab Manager
  • Added customizable tooltips on thumbnails


Patch history


  • ???


  • Corrected an issue with DXF export that crashed AutoCad during import


  • Added lighting correction to Slabsmith Lite.


Module Feature Description
  • All imports and exports of text basedd files changed from .csv files to xlxs files. (Excel)
  • Added the first changes to allow for easy translation to other languages.
Perfect Match
Slab Consumer
  • Added color by template.  Each template up to five different templates will show as a different color on the layout.
Perfect Match
Slab Manager
  • Re-enabled the ability to save a JPG directly into email.
Slab Maker
  • Added the ability to take a Mark-up photo before the slab photo.
  • When there are more than 4 camera/calibration buttons, they are converted to a fly-out menu.
Slab Consumer
  • Added a button in the toolbar to toggle the mark-up layer on/off.
  • New DXF export options
    • Export slab outline as a rectangle. (reduces the slab outline to 4 lines representing the slab bounding box)
    • Added “Minimum segment length of alsb outline”.  This reduces the complexity of the slab outline while retaining an fairly accurate slab outline.
    • Added “Mark closed polylines as closed”.  This sets a flag in the DXF file when the polyline ends.  Works well with Donatoni saws.
Scan Module
  • Slab Browser – Automatically sorts slabs by rack position (closest to the front, first)
  • Sync Wizard – Added the ability to export the scan summary to an xlxs file.
This version has too many changes for this web page, the release notes have been put in a PDF that you can download.

Download 2018.7 release notes.


Patch history

Fixed crash when viewing jobs on computers without a Slabsmith hardware key attached

Fixed newly created reserved areas not updating slab utilization
Fixed dynamic seams not showing up in job sheet or Layout/Consumer

2018.7.0 initial release – The database is compatible with 2017.5, so an admin program upgrade is not necessary before installing this version on individual computers. It is still a good idea to upgrade the admin program if you are eligible for this upgrade.



This version has too many changes for this web page, the release notes have been put in a PDF that you can download.

Download 2017.5 release notes.


Patch history
    Fixed problem re-photographing slab after making multiple slabs at once
    Fix Perfect Match jpg output when multiple images selected (single images were fine)

2015.7.x & 2015.12.x

The 2015.12.x was a minor upgrade but did include a new calibration engine designed to handle severely distorted calibration pictures, as well as including many minor fixes.

The 2015.7.x release notes follow:

Module Feature Description
Perfect Match
  • Added the ability to create a remnant with a hold in the center
  • Added the ability to select and delete multiple slabs. {Ctrl+left} click on the slab handle to add to the group to delete, then {Delete} key to delete the selection.
  • Un-needed attributes attached to notes in DXF files are removed to increase speed.
  • Add the ability to place a Slabsmith location target or user defined DXF based icon onto a slab
Slab Maker
  • Added the ability to automatically find and place locator geometry over Slabsmith location targets during digital slab creation.
  • Added the ability to manually crop a remnant and resave the result to the database.  ( use case:  You cut a backsplash off of a remnant and need to approximately adjust the size of the new remnant without re-photographing it.)  Use: Set the Usable area over the area to be cropped, press {Ctrl+Shift+c}.  The manually cropped new remnant will show dashed red lines along the manual crop boundary in Perfect Match
Job Manager
  • Added the ability to define the columns in the “Slab info” tab of the Job Manager by modifying the “JobManagerView” in the Admin program.
  • Added the ability to find location marks and automatically align a DXF layout that contains location geometry
  • Added a new type of property, a “Computed Column”. This allows a property to be set using a formula. The formula can use existing properties within its calculations.
  • Jobs (layouts) are now compressed in the database to save space


Patch history

Added layer name for 6″ square export option
Fixed re-photographing slab with no image
Fixed units not being applied correctly in some areas when typing in a number without units
Fixed crash on import of array of identical counters
Removed “0” layer from exported DXF

Updated Slab Importer to have its own version number separate from Slabsmith
Fixed progress bar getting stuck when importing slabs
Blank slab fixes for trace\\image size being wrong
Fixed interface not reseting for cameras in calibration
Switched camera names to start at 1 instead of 0

Fixed blank slab crashing after entering ID
Fixed web search not working in some cases
Fixed web search readonly properties having trouble
Fixed boolean slab property controls not completely working
Fixed problem with browser that wouldn’t update with properties that had spaces in its name
Fixed origin disappearing when panning in slab maker
Fixed usable area being wrong on multiple slabs (only first slab was correct)
Fixed context menu appearing when panning in background paint mode
Fixed reseting of properties in slab maker + bool property not being null when 32 bit slab maker restarts tab
Fixed length\\width being wrong when creating multiple slabs at once
Fixed .slab and .slabpack association with Slab Importer
Fixed Slab Importer loading slab list from command line
Fixed property choices list not updating after importing a csv of choices

Added logging of unhandled exceptions on the barcode scanner
Changes to fix install of web scanning module on windows server 2008 + small improvements
Fixed inventory interface selecting a view when first creating a new user
Fixed hierarchy fields not being included in presentation directory file name option
Fixed layout slab image not showing up
Fix tracing a saved crop without reference image or painting
Switched all DXF slab outlines to white

Fixed when opening firewall duplicate keys getting added
Slab Importer updates corrected importing of slabs without usable area + slabs with no brand (v1 originated)
Improved barcode scanner crash handling
Fixed Slab Importer viewing a directory with a *.slabpack
Inventory web interface updates
Fixed filename of orphaned counters
Fixed slabs losing yellow background in Slab Manager after first search + stopped duplicated of creation date column
Fixed being unable to enable the presentation directory

Fixed using existing calibrations causing a crash in Slab Maker
Fixed crashes in Slab Maker
Added feature to keep the camera on while Slabsmith is running (to deal with auto-power off)
Fixed crash in camera host

2015.12.1 – initial release

This version is database compatible with 2015.7, so it is not necessary to perform an upgrade step. You may have both 2015.7 and 2015.12 on the same database.

2015.12 adds a new calibration engine that simplifies setup as well as improving accuracy, especially for heavily distorted images.



Module Feature Description
Perfect Match
  • Added the material name to the text under the slab images
  • Added automatic image generation of the slabs and the layout when saving a layout.  Can be turned on or off in the Admin program, off by default.  Images are saved to the Jobs directory.
  • Updates for dxf file export.  Entities in the DXF file now maintain their original color when exported.
  • Added ability to name a layer in the dxf file by the property of a slab.   Use double square brackets to define the property the layer is to be name by.  ie: [[thickness]]
  • Added the ability to have multiple ‘styles’ of DXF export to support customers with multiple machines with different requirements.
  • Added printing of reserved area labels from Perfect Match before remnants are created.  ( File | Print | Reserved Area Labels )
Slab Maker
  • Added photo hardware trigger delay before next trigger allowed
  • Added Manufacturing Mode options
  • Added the cursor offset from origin into Slab Maker when doing unusable area
  • Added physical size for the brush size
Slab Manager
  • Added SQL Query ability to the search dialog.
  • Added Usable Area property changes to the audit trail
Job Manager
  • Improved start up time
  • Added an autocomplete for the slab templates combo box
  • Added a second presentation directory.   One can be used for internal use, one for web presentation.
  • Various updates to the presentation directories
  • Added setting for removing names displayed as a hierarchy
Job Manager
  • Improved start up time
Slab Importer program *NEW*
  • Added as separate download and as part of the regular Slabsmith install. This program is used to import .Slab and .SlabPack files into the database from previous and future versions of Slabsmith.
  • Added unscanned slabs to the sync report dialog of Slabsmith
  • Gave remnants an id for printing that doesn’t change

Patch history

2015.2.3 – patch

Slab Manager

Fixed an audit permissions error in the Slab Manager


Correct a problem with CSV file imports with hierarchy properties


  • Added ‘units” to the available attributes for a label file
  • Fixed a timeout problem when choices are renamed during a slab update
  • Removed the timestamp from DXF names
  • Fixed a problem when exporting a DXF file with seam layers
  • Fixed a problem with polyline entities being closed even if the DXF doesn’t define them as closed


2015.2.2 – initial general release

Perfect Match

  • Moved main dxf output settings to the admin program, but they can still be edited in Slabsmith.
  • Removed obsolete option for disabling gradients
  • Update ComboBoxUnits to move the last selected item to the first item in the list
  • Added check for nearly 0 degree arcs to make sure start and end point are the same before calling it a 360 degree arc
  • Fixed template filter form to sort alphabetically and to also look if the name contains the filter rather than starts with it
  • Fixed template numbering in Perfect Match
  • Fixed contours being removed from ContourTree when trying to do an invalid ‘Extend Seam’ type of dynamic seam
  • Fixed location of notes when importing a dxf as metric
  • Fixed exception when calculating the slab utilization
  • Now allow notes in sink cutouts and corrected save file name
  • Fixes to unitized dxf export
  • Made selection of Saw save settings after set so new Perfect Match instances have the correct saw selected

Fixed DXF layer name issues for R12 and earlier

Slab Maker

  • Stopped CreationDate getting set twice on slab creation from Slab Maker
  • Fixed ‘DestroyRemnants’ getting added to backgroundtasks for every new slab
  • Fixed caching of reference image problems
  • Fix black pixels being treated as transparent regardless of alpha
  • Fix rephotograph taking wrong calibration
  • Calibration

    Avoid crash when a null creeps into the calibration table name column

    Slab Manager

    Removed the FilterType of ‘SQL’ from the SlabtributeQueryControl

  • Changed slabtribute controls to resize their user input control to fit space alloted
  • Improved error reporting when a remnant isn’t saved, include background tasks in slab audit in Slab Manager
  • Changed invalid usable area to not report failure of save
  • if pixel scale is zero, don’t display “problem loading preview” warning (useful for external slab data insertion)
  • Fixed slab manager search when “Lot” isn’t in the view
  • Fixed combo box dropdowns on queries/properties to expand width to largest contents
  • Fixed disk slabs not being displayed when opening a directory
  • Fixed calibrations not being saved with disk slabs
  • Fixed a null slabtribute date getting set to SQL.MinValue
  • Stopped the first slab getting automiatcally selected in grid view on first search
  • Fixed ‘open directory’ option not showing when right clicking in the slab row
  • Corrected a problem with a sorted slab grid not selecting the correct slab
  • Fixed a single trailing quote getting stripped on search

Job Manager

Fixed a NullReferenceException when deleting a layout Containing slabs


Removed the need for the hasp in DB Administration

  • Fixed collation on database creation (non-U.S. international issue)\\
  • Set database statistics updating to be asynchronus (this speeds up queries)
  • Fixed being unable to rename choices of SSDescription
  • Stopped admin program from warning you that you cannot rename a default property
  • Removed ability to add another hierarchy field to the SSDescription property
  • Changed the slab properties tab to allow duplicate choices on the last level when it’s not the Location property

Layout module

Updated to work with the latest version

  • Fixes to dxf options

    Locator module

    Fixes to locator DXF output


    Added unscanned slabs to the sync report dialog of Slabsmith

  • Gave remnants an id for printing that doesn’t change
  • Fixed selecting wrong database first when multiple databases were available.  This caused longer start times then necessary.
  • Fix an upgrade backup crash when database files (mdf, ldf) are located just under the root directory
  • Fix a crash on exit if printer settings haven’t been set
  • Made error message on scripts more obvious
  • Fixes for resizing of query controls to fit parent dialog
  • Removed ‘print to file’ option for print dialog
  • Improved internationalization
  • Corrected usable area units on labels
  • Stopped extraneous temp files from being created.
  • Fix usable  Area ABCD values for proper units
  • Changed default cache size to ~1GB from ~10GB
  • Changes to background label printing
  • Fixes to caching issues


Module Feature Description
Perfect Match
  • Added the ability to specify a specific length and width for reserved areas (remnants)
  • Added a fixed overtravel option to saw over-cut display
  • Added slab utilization information (yield calculation displayed during layout)
    • Hover over the slab handle for detailed information
  • Added DXF unit conversion on import
  • Added tooltips to the slabs in the slab list based on the JobSlabView definition (displays any user defined slab information)
  • Depricated the “Saw boundary” function.
  • Added brightness controls to the image enhancement controls
  • Complete rework to image save
    • Higher resolution of saved jpgs now available
    • Maximum file size limitation added.
  • Added Auto-slab arrangement.
    • Slabs are arranged to best fit the available space instead of stacking on top of each other during import.
    • Added a button to force a new auto arrangement of the slabs.
  • New DXF export options
    • Save the slab outline to a specified layer
    • Save the notes to a specified layer
    • Force the preservation of the original layers
Slab Maker
  • Added a “Manufacturer’s Interface” option for use on polishing line photostation.
  • Labels – the last selected label becomes the default label
  • Crop boundaries are saved with each calibration
  • If a name is added to material name list, and the list was in alphabetical order, the new name is inserted in alphabetical order.
Slab Manager
  • Added a clear button to date queries
  • Added a Usable Area to label fields
  • Added brightness controls to the preview image enhancement
Job Manager
  • Customer entry dialog updates
  • Added “Material name” to the template form


Patch history

2014.8.5 – patch

  1. General:
    1. Fixed exported slabs being deleted immediately after exporting
  2. Admin:
    1. Fixed renaming custom property choices
    2. Fixed CSV import not working properly for hierarchy items
    3. Fixed security for “Everyone” role (internationalization issue for background task execution)
  3. Slab Maker
    1. Fixed cache issue for reference image
    2. Fixed leaving temp files for each slab in the Windows temp directory
  4. Calibration
    1. Fix crash when calibration table gets an empty name for the calibration
  5. Slab Manager
    1. Improved handling of blank slabs inserted by external software
    2. Fixed first slab getting selected after a search. User must explicitly select the slab to preview and get properties
    3. Fixed problem with sorted slab grid not showing correct properties after selecting the slab
  6. Job Manager
    1. Improved startup time
  7. Perfect Match
    1. Fix DXF layer name issues for <R12


2014.8.4 – patch

  1. Perfect Match:
    1. Fixed DXF imported text size
  2. Admin:
    1. Fixed some internationalization issues for collation
    2. Fixed repeating prompts to save presentation settings after creating a database
    3. Improved error messages for SQL scripting
    4. Fix crash on exit if printer settings haven’t been set
    5. Fixed check of compatible license to upgrade database
    6. Fixed a couple database upgrade crashes
  3. Slab Manager:
    1. Fix search when “Lot” isn’t in the view
    2. Improved behavior when clicking on .slab files
    3. Fixed creation date missing the timestamp in slab browser grid

2014.8.3 – patch

  1. Perfect Match
    1. Updates for new HASP licensing keys
    2. Fixed note placement on counters created with a dynamic seam and note alignment
    3. Fixed gap circle drawing size
    4. Fixed extraneous connection wizard prompt when it wasn’t needed
    5. Fixed dynamic seams not working after getting into an invalid state
    6. Fixed speed issue when using counters with elliptical sinks
  2. Slab Manager
    1. Fix label printing for labels with “&” in a field
    2. Fixed occasional database timeout when retrieving slab properties (Error message about a closed connection)
    3. Fixed “add slab to database” button being disabled
    4. Fixed units issues on labels
  3. Admin
    1. Automatic background printing of labels when a slab or remnant is created
    2. Fixed some SlabCreator database permission issues

2014.8.2 – patch

  1. Perfect Match
    1. Corrected an issue with black bars at the edges of some JPG’s when saved.
    2. Added a toggle (right click on slab handle) to turn off slab utilization display
    3. Corrected an picking issue when reserved areas were overlapping
  2. Slab Manager
    1. Corrected an issue where remnants were being marked with the “not a calibrated image” camera icon on slab thumbnails
    2. Corrected an issue which displayed a warning when trying to sort a column before a slab was selected.
  3. Slab Maker
    1. Corrected an issue which was inserting spaces on newly inserted material names, which prevented them from being saved.
  4. Job Manager
    1. Added a refresh of the “Slab info” grid after manually changing the slab status, to be sure the grid reflected the changed status
  5. Admin
    1. Corrected a problem when upgrading to 2014.8 from 2012.9 that prevented layouts from being correctly moved into the database.
    2. Refined the functioning of the background task processor to assure timely generation of reserved areas when a slab is consumed
    3. Corrected an issue with automatic usable area generation on reserved areas
    4. Corrected an issue where resetting of a the usable area, did not account for unusable areas

This version has release notes on this page.  You may also download 2014.3.x release notes. (this includes descriptive pictures)


Module Feature Description
Perfect Match
  • Interface refresh
  • Upgrades to Dynamic seam
  • Saw blade definition and over-cut display
  • Improved “Reserved area” definition and automation (remnants)
Slab Manager
  • Added an Activity log
  • Added a Hierarchy style of slab property
  • Added a “Group” property
  • Added “>” and “<” to search queries
  • Added a “Usable area” property
  • Added the ability to easily reserve slabs to a customer/job
Slab Maker
  • Streamlined the interface
  • Added multiple camera support
  • Added the ability to save the position of the crop boundaries.
  • Added Auto Usable area generation
  • Added the ability to fill in slab properties based on a pre-defined template.
Job Manager
  • Add an activity log
  • Added user defined triggers (automation)
  • Added user defined actions (automation)
  • Major interface update for ease of use
  • Added the ability to define photostations
  • Added the ability to manually add or remove grid points
  • Interface revamp throughout the software
Version 1 to 2012.9

All remaining release notes for versions before 2012 can be found here.  There is no support for versions before 2014.

VERSION 1. :  There is no upgrade path from version 1.  V1 did not store content in a database.  Call us for more information.


Latest 2012 version: 2012.9.1.12, released Dec. 20, 2013


Changes in 2012.9.1.12

  1. General: fixed problem with file caching on missing files
  2. Slab Manager: fixed consumed slabs that are in a layout not having a red background
  3. Slab Manager: fixes for importing/viewing slabs that may have incorrect data
  4. Slab Manager: calibration button remembers checked state
  5. Perfect Match: fixed notes on a counter with dynamic seams
  6. Perfect Match: fix layout thumbnails not saving

Changes in 2012.9.1.11:

  1. Perfect Match: fixed labels printing incorrect size (problem in 2012.9.1.10)
  2. Perfect Match: fixed hovering on slab handle deselecting counters
  3. Perfect Match: fixed frequent recentering of view divider

Changes in 2012.9.1.10:

  1. Perfect Match: fixed remnant creation crash for slabs without markup photo (problem in 2012.9.1.9)

Changes in 2012.9.1.9:

  1. General: fixed startup crash when installed on brand new computers
  2. Perfect Match: fixed scaling issue when printing layout from PM
  3. Perfect Match: fixed resaving an imported nest file
  4. Perfect Match: fixed missing unusable area trace on remnants
  5. Perfect Match: fixed note picking when notes not visible (counters wouldn’t move because the hidden note was taking priority)
  6. General: fixed units not being converted when importing a v1 .slab file
  7. General: fixes for opening and importing .slab files from Windows/Internet Explorer

Changes in 2012.9.1.8:

  1. Slab Maker: Fixed saving multiple slabs and failed reporting of duplicate IDs
  2. Slab Maker: Fixed loading slabs without an image
  3. Slab Maker: Fixed markup photo when image was outside the original slab
  4. General: improved behavior of multiple versions of Slabsmith on the same computer
  5. Slab Manager: Added calibration name to displayed calibration information

Changes in 2012.9.1.7:

  1. Slab Maker: Fixed creation of multiple slabs getting same Inventory ID
  2. Slab Maker: Fixed error when opening valid calibration after invalid calibration
  3. Slab Maker: Added slab property generator module (translate ID into properties from external source)
  4. Slab Maker: Fixed calibrated area not showing up in some instances.
  5. Slab Maker: Fixed ftp directory creation error on IIS server

Changes in 2012.9.1.6:

Special note: If you are upgrading to this version and you add slab property choices in Slab Maker, download and install the admin program to make that work properly.

  1. General: Fixed minor interface layout issues
  2. General: Fixed several file caching issues
  3. General: Fixed startup behavior for multiple starts of Slabsmith
  4. Install: Updated hasp setup
  5. Slab Maker: Added SlabPropertyGenerator DLL which allows mapping between scanned ID and properties
  6. Slab Maker: Fixed crash when auto incrementing InventoryID in Slab Maker
  7. Slab Maker: Fixed error when adding properties
  8. Slab Manager: Several fixes for importing slabs – dealing with units and calibrations

Changes in 2012.9.1.5:

  1. Slab Maker: Fixed disabled markup photo button when not rephotographing
  2. Slab Maker: Fixed rephotographing a slab with a different calibration giving incorrect length/width
  3. Perfect Match: Fixed dynamic seam default parameters not saving
  4. General: Fixed running in Remote Desktop Connection
  5. General: Fixed remembering maximized window
  6. Install: Updated redistributables for older OSs

Changes in 2012.9.1.4:

  1. Slab Manager: Fixed default sort not working if name or lot not shown
  2. Slab Manager: Fixed units issue with custom numeric slab properties
  3. Slab Maker: Fixed not always prompting to save changes before rephotographing from a file
  4. Slab Maker: Enabled markup photos when rephotographing a slab
  5. Calibration: Fixed origin shift status line readout
  6. General: Fixed registration dialog to show reset trial button for bad timed keys
  7. General: Fixed deletion of slab files in SSData directory (wasn’t deleting files when slab deleted from database)
  8. General: Fixed missing usable areas in exported .slab files
  9. General: Fixed .slab file import to ignore some predefined slab properties
  10. Install: Updated Visual C++ redistributable to work on XP SP3

Changes in 2012.9.1.3:

  1. Remnants: fixed remnant origin when using lower left point as origin, as well as remnant problem where only a sliver of the remnant would be saved when using certain remnant shapes
  2. Slab Manager: Fixed is/not/sql for 2nd and subsequent queries not being applied correctly
  3. Fixed problem with timed licenses
  4. Fixed install prerequisite order for Visual C++ redistributable

Changes in 2012.9.1.2:

  1. Added option to disable advanced extraction timeout warning in Slabmaker

Changes in 2012.9.1.1:

  1. Fixed problem where clicking on a slab in slab manager generated an ignorable exception with users other than sa
  2. Fixed bug where you couldn’t filter or sort on Location
  3. Fixed several rare crashes due to invalid data
  4. Improved file caching to reduce the chances of out of date locally cached files
  5. Fixed problem in Slab Maker x64 version that left the previous slab info in the next slab by default
  6. Fixed some ftp related issues
  7. Improved handling of corrupted config files


Release notes: Slabsmith Database Administration


Changes in 2012.9.1.12:

  1. Fixed presentation updater deleting _thumb files
  2. connections to incorrect database versions are more informative

Changes in 2012.9.1.11: (none)

Changes in 2012.9.1.10: (none)

Changes in 2012.9.1.9: (none)

Changes in 2012.9.1.8:

  1. Added progress bar to updating presentation on thousands of slabs

Changes in 2012.9.1.7:

  1. Fixed missing stored procedures on newly created database
  2. Fixed PriviledgeUtility on windows server 2003

Changes in 2012.9.1.6:

  1. Added ability to select any property for presentation updater + minor ui fixes
  2. Fix csv import in admin to show csv files on disk
  3. Fixed database creation script error
  4. Fixed meters not being set when creating a new slab property

Changes in 2012.9.1.5:

  1. Improved .slab export
  2. Fixed issue with older OS not allowing writes to the database (specifically Windows Server 2003)

Changes in 2012.9.1.4:

  1. Added ability to create *.slab files with Presentation Directory
  2. Updated DB permissions to deal with database restored from a different server
  3. Remembers connections from previous admin installs

Changes in 2012.9.1.3:

  1. Fixed manual presentation directory update when using Inventory ID for the name (auto update was working fine)

Changes in 2012.9.1.2:

  1. Fixed admin error message when logging in as sa user and more improvements upgrading from very old database versions

Changes in 2012.9.1.1:

  1. Improved upgrade error handling in very old databases
  2. Fixed changing plain text slab properties into lists