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Slabsmith™ yearly software maintenance is a valuable asset to your company. 

Companies on an active maintenance contract can expect more productivity, less downtime and the satisfaction that you are receiving the greates possible return on your investment in the Slabsmith family of products.

Maintenance FAQ’s

What is the cost of maintenance?

Your first year of maintenance is included with your purchase.

After the first year, the annual cost of maintenance is 10% of the current retail price of the Slabsmith products you own.

Example #1:

You own the “Basic Bundle” which retails at $15,000.00.   Your annual maintenance renewal would be $1,500.00

Example #2:

You own the “Basic Bundle” and the Scan module.  The “Basic Bundle” retails at $15,000.00 and the Scan module retails at $3,500.00.  Your annual maintenance renewal would be $1,500.00 + $350.00 = $1850.00

What do I get for my maintenance contract?

During the time of an active maintenance contract, you are eligible for the following valuable software and services:

  • All new feature upgrades to your current Slabsmith products.

There are typically  1-2 software updates during any given year, but it can vary depending on what we are working on.

For an idea of our past releases and the kind of updates in them, please refer to the “Release notes” in the download section of this web site.

  • Unlimited online training.

If you are brand new to Slabsmith and learning everything from scratch, or you would like advanced training on a specific section of Slabsmith or one of it’s modules, unlimited online training is part of your maintenance contract.

If you hire someone new, just give us a call, and schedule their personalized training.

  • Unlimited technical support.

It doesn’t matter if your problem requires a minute or a day, unlimited support is included in your maintenance contract.


We consider it our job to make being on maintenance, a valuable and profitable part of using Slabsmith products.

When does my maintenance contract expire?

Your first year of maintenance is included when you purchase Slabsmith.

Approximately 30 days before your maintenance expires, we will email a statement which contains the cost for your company to renew your maintenance contract for the coming year.

If you wish to to specify a specific email address for the maintenance email please send a request along with your company name, the correct contact name for the maintenance statment and the contact’s email address to: or call +1 315.287.2877

To determine the time remaining on your maintenance contract, you can check anytime by going to “File | Registration” on Slabsmith’s “Home” tab.

Do I have to purchase a maintenance contract?

No, you are not required to purchase a maintenance contract.

The software will continue to run even if your maintenance is expired.

If your maintenance has expired, you are no longer elible for:

  • New software updates released after your expiration date.
  • Unlimted online training
  • Unlimited technical support.

In practice, we will always do our best to help you with a Slabsmith related problem, even if your maintenance has expired.  You are still a valued customer.

If you are not currently on maintenance, and you need extended help (more than a few minutes), we reserve the right to charge for our time at the rate of $150.00/hr with a minimum of $75.00.


If you are using an old version of Slabsmith, we may have difficulty even remembering how parts of it work!  Our support staff does not keep old versions running, we are always using the most current release in house.


How do I get back on maintenance if it expires?

This depends on how long your maintenance has been expired.

 0 – 6 months after expiration:

  • Renew at the normal 10% rate.
  • Your maintenance renewal date will not change.
  • You will receive a statement for the coming year approximately 30 days before your original maintenance date.

> 6 months after expiration

  • Purchase a new maintenance contract at 15%.
  • This will reset your maintenance renewal date to the date of purchase.
  • Your new maintenance contract will expire 12 months from the new maintenance renewal date.
  • You will receive a statement for the coming year approximately 30 days before your new maintenance renewal date.

If you are not sure how long you have been off of maintenence, just give us a call at: +1 315.287.2877