Developer of “Slabsmith” software for the stone industry

About Northwood Designs, Inc.

Northwood Designs “NWD” was founded in 1986 as a cabinet making company. By 1990 cabinet making went by the wayside as CNC technology and software for the CNC industry became the prime focus.

NWD’s first software product was released in 1991, but by 1995 NWD software was in daily use in 27+ countries by companies of every size.   NWD’s early products were primarily centered around the metal working industry and included products such as “InterFlux” for machining 2D artwork, “Metacut” for improving the machining times and finishes on mold and die work, and “The MetaCut Utilities” (MCU) for vitual machining and analysis of 3D CNC toolpaths.  All of this software has ended it’s development cycle.

Since 2004, NWD has focused solely on the stone countertop industry with its current product “Slabsmith”.

Special Note:  The company name Northwood Designs, Inc. is not promoted in the stone industry to prevent confusion with a similarly named machine builder also in the stone industry.

Contact info

Northwood Designs, inc.
233 Somerville Rd
Antwerp, NY 13608

ph: (315) 287-2877