Scan module scanners

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Barcode scanner recommendations for Slabsmith’s Scan module.

Scanner Essentials

There are two primary functions of the Scan module.

1)  Inventory Reconciliation  (physical inventory)

Using a barcode scanner and Slabsmith’s “Sync Wizard” software to quickly correct your Slabsmith inventory.   A scanner is required to use this functionality of the scan module.

2) The Slab Browser

The Slab Browser is a helpful sales tool that allows you to view inventory on a tablet while helping a customer select material.  A scanner is optional for this functionality of the Scan module, it can be used manually.

Inventory barcode scanner

Qty Description Vendor Part # Cost/unit Extended
1 Zebra Scanner Kit
(Includes MT2070 Scanner, USB Base station, USB Cable, Slabsmith inventory software pre-installed)
Northwood Designs
+1 315.287.2877
Zebra Inventory Scanner $1,100.00 $1,100.00
Inventory scanner total (USD): $1,100.00

“Slab Browser” barcode scanner

Qty Description Vendor Part # Cost/unit Extended

Socket D730 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Used with the tablet based sales/inventory “Slab Browser”

Amazon MFR(Socket)# CX3358-1680 $301.00 $301.00
Slab browser barcode scanner total (USD): $301.00
Download link Description Size
Socket Mobile Companion Required software to use the socket scanner with the Scan module