Scan module scanners

stock hardware

Barcode scanner recommendations for Slabsmith’s Scan module.

Scanner Essentials

Starting with the 2023 release of the “Live Scan” module, you will need to purchase both a scanner and a small windows tablet for the scanning interface.   Our recommendations are below. 

“Live Scan” barcode scanner

Qty Description Vendor Part # Cost/unit Extended
1 Zebra DS2278 Cordless Barcode Scanner
(Includes: Cradle, USB Cable )
Amazon Zebra# DS2278-SR7U2100PRW $170.00 $170.00
Inventory scanner total (USD): $170.00
*ALTERNATE* Ruggedized scanner
Zebra DS3678-ER

(Includes: Cradle, Power Supply, USB Cable)
This scanner works the same as the DS2278 above, but is IP67 rated and will put up more abuse.
Amazon Zebra#DS3678 $720.00


“Live Scan” tablet

Note: The Live Scan extention will work with any windows tablet that support windows 10 or 11 and has a USB port, Bluetooth, and WiFi.
                    *Requires a security key, see below…*

Qty Description Vendor Part # Cost/unit Extended

Surface Go 3  for Business
Minimum recommended specifications:

  • Win11 Pro
  • Intel Core i3
  • Wi-Fi
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB mem
Microsoft Surface Go 3 for Business $499.00 $499.00
Inventory scanner total (USD): $499.00
Surface Go 3  – Case   (optional but recommended)
There are many, select one that will work for you.
Amazon $25.00
Security Key (Required)
NOTES:  If your network is on a domain server, contact Slabsmith for a security key.
   Tablets with a USB-C port Amazon Yubico #5060408461518   (Surface Go and others) $65.00
   Tablets with a USB-A port Amazon  Yubico #Y-240_SML   ( Most tablets and laptops) $60.00